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Trim-Head Deck Screws

Color match decking screws are made of stainless steel and are a great way to ensure hardwood and composite deck boards stick tight to the joist. This Color match line of screws gives builders and DIY homeowners a reliable way to fasten any brand of decking. Color match decking screws are made from high-quality 305-grade stainless steel for optimum performance with hardwoods and composite decking material.

- Easy installation 
- T15 Star Drive trim heads Match your choice of decking 
- Colored head options available Drive with ease 
- Type 17 auger tips for easy installation 

Six Available Colors:  
- #8 Shadowline Black 
- #8 Stainless Steel 
- #8 Cedar 
- #8 Rosy Brown 
- #8 Outdoor Grey 
- #8 Hardwood Brown 

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