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Deck screws

We offer a large selection of deck building screws for exotic hardwood, thermally modified wood, composite & PVC   

DeckWise® complete line of professional grade Stainless Steel decking screws are the choice of the Pros ensuring decking holds tight to the underlying joists and securely affixed when face screwing. Stainless Steel line consists of color match painted-head screws, heat-treated stainless steel screws, self-tapping metal joist deck screws and composite deck screws in a variety of colors.

Trim-Head deck screws

Color match decking screws are made of stainless steel and are a great way to ensure hardwood and composite deck boards stick tight to the joist. This Color match line of screws gives builders and DIY homeowners a reliable way to fasten any brand of decking. Color match decking screws are made from high-quality 305-grade stainless steel for optimum performance with hardwoods and composite decking material. 

Bugle-Head deck screws

Available in 305-grade stainless steel for decking and 316-grade stainless steel for salt water installations and superior corrosion resistance. Use for optimum performance with hardwoods, thermally modified and PT softwoods, and composite decking materials. This line consists of 3 color match heads, plus an unpainted head for general purposes. These T25 drive screws penetrate decking with a type - 17 auger point including coarse threading which pulls boards tightly together. The double countersink flat bugle head has 6 nibs ; uses a 6 lobe star drive to reduce cam-out and increase torque, and comes with a chipboard thread screw with partial thread and triple spline.

Composite deck screws

Our 305-grade composite screws are made to the same high standards as the DeckWise products you’ve come to trust. These #10 x 2 ½" (# 10 x 6.35 cm) stainless steel bodies are strong and corrosion-resistant. Painted heads, in your choice of color to match your composite decking. 

Heat-Treated deck screws

DeckWise Heat-Treated Stainless Steel deck screws are specially engineered, four-sided tips and a serrated thread design to minimize board splitting or splintering, even when drilling near the edge. The line of Heat-Treated Stainless Steel deck screws we offer are an 18-8 heat treated screw for hardened toughness and feature a patented TTAP T15 Star Drive head with locking bit. Meaning, less stripping, less snapping and less headaches when installing hidden deck fasteners, hidden siding fasteners or face screwing. Engineered exclusively by DeckWise, they make installations easier than ever.

Metal Joist deck screws

The DeckWise Self-Tapping Metal Joist Deck Screw is designed explicitly for metal joist applications.This handy fastening screw can be used to attach most types of decking materials such as hardwoods, heat treated lumber, soft woods, composite and PVC with aluminum, stainless steel and steel substructures. Pre-drilling pilot holes through the decking is still recommended. Our specially engineered auger tip will penetrate the metal joist underneath with ease. DeckWise metal joist deck screws are high performance fasteners, which allow deck builders and architects to build with uniform and long-lasting clean surfaces when used with our Hidden Deck Fasteners. 

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